Our mission is to excel the paths of 1,000 first time female founders and entrepreneurs


Is having it all a myth?

Nearly 2 million women left the workforce to take care of their families during COVID-19.

For many highly capable and accomplished women, the traditional workplace does not make sense anymore.

The solution many women have discovered: build your own workplace

What's your biggest challenge today?

90% of startups fail.

Seasoned founders often trace success back to one word of advice, one correction, one helpful hand.

HerNushu is your informal Board of Advisors to be this for you. Our goal is to remove the road block facing your business's path to growth.

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What is Nushu

Nushu is a secret language created by women in China tracing back as early as the 9th century.

At a time when women were illiterate and shut out from formal education, rural women from the Hunon province developed a way to communicate with and support each other.

The women who created Nushu were the original female innovators. We're creating our own script between women in the creator community...

HerNushu Board of Advisors

The HerNushu Board of Advisors is a group of trusted experts who are invested in your success

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